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December 10 2019

Get Action on Your Immigration Application Mandamus

Recently, the USCIS and American Consulates have been processing immigration applications very slowly.

Occasionally, an application can be “expedited” due to extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness, but this is rare.

Another remedy for slow processing is filing a “Mandamus” action in court.  This is an action to compel the government to decide the application.  It is filed in Federal Court.

Martin Lawler is very experienced with Mandamus actions, having filed about 50 of them throughout the U.S.

Case study:

A man born in India invested in a Midwest hotel.  He filed an EB-5 immigration I-526 application and the hotel was built, but his I-526 application was still pending with USCIS.  With the India EB-5 quota about to backlog, which would cause his daughter to age out, Martin Lawler filed a Mandamus action in court.  The I-526 EB-5 application was granted the day he needed to file for adjustment and his application was filed, preserving his daughter’s ability to immigrate with him.

Past success of course does not guarantee success for all clients.

Due to the very slow processing of EB-5 applications, Martin Lawler is filing more Mandamus actions for investors across the U.S.  It may also be possible to file a Mandamus action to compel a long delayed immigrant visa.

Call Martin Lawler for a consultation about Mandamus actions.