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January 28 2019

Update on I-829 Receipts

I-829 Receipts Update The Form I-829 is the petition investors must file for removal of conditions on their permanent resident status.  For approval, one must prove: The investment was maintained at risk; and The 10 jobs were created. After the I-829 is filed, USCIS issues a receipt (Form I-797).  This receipt extends one’s conditional...

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January 4 2019

Effect of Government Shutdown on EB-5

Government Shut Down The Regional Center statute has temporarily lapsed and will be extended when the federal budget is extended.  In the meantime, USCIS says they will continue to receive applications.  Some American Consuls appear to be open, while other Consuls are calling people and cancelling visa appointments. EB-5 Direct Statute The EB-5...

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