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February 17 2021

Changes to U Visas Expected from Biden Administration

U visas are for victims of crime and may provide permanent resident status.  A prosecutor or police letter is needed to support the application and only certain criteria will qualify the victim for this visa.  In the past, even if the U petition was granted, it did not protect one...

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January 5 2021

Good New for H-1B Visas

The Court of Appeals in Innova Solutions v. Baran held the denial of an H-1B visa for a citizen of India with a bachelor’s degree as a computer programmer “specialty occupation” visa on his behalf was illegal.  Under the H-1B regulations, the employer had to establish that a “baccalaureate or higher degree...

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December 13 2018

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Has Been Extended

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extension Congress has extended the EB-5 Regional Center statute with the government budget resolution to December 21, 2018. Further extension is anticipated. Federal Court Finds Borrowed Funds Are Ok For EB-5 In Zhang v. USCIS, a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that USCIS’...

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March 20 2018

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended

The national EB-5 regional center trade association has just confirmed what I predicted last week: the omnibus funding legislation that will pass on March 23, 2018 will include an extension of the current EB-5 Regional Center Program through September 30, 2018.  This means that for now, the minimum investment amount remains at $500,000...

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March 19 2018

Breaking: EB-5 Program Likely To Be Extended

The news from Washington, DC is that the latest attempt to change the current EB-5 law to increase the minimum investment amount from $500,000 to $925,000 and make many other changes to the EB-5 visa program has failed.  A revised bill also will not be considered and the current law...

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