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February 23 2023

Thoughts on Extraordinary Ability and National Interest Waivers

For employment-based immigrations, usually, one must have an employer who files aLabor Certification with the Department of Labor (DOL) for the employer to prove workershortage. The EB-1 extraordinary ability and outstanding researcher as well as the EB-2National Interest Waiver (NIW) classifications exempts the immigrant from the slow DOLprocess, and EB-1s...

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February 15 2023

New Programs Available for H-1B, L1, ADIT Stamps

New Department of State Visa Extension ProgramThe Department of State will soon allow H-1B and L-1 visas to be renewed by mail(rather than the applicant having to go to an American consulate abroad to seek a newvisa stamp). (A similar program existed many years ago,). H-1B and L-1 applicants willstill...

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February 8 2023

New I-829 Receipts

The USCIS has issued new I-829 receipts extending conditional permanent residentgreen cards for 48 months beyond the expiration date of the card. The new receiptsextend the card for employment authorization and international travel.   At this time, I-829s for EB-5 conditional resident immigrants are being processed by theUSCIS extremely slowly. There...

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